How do I clean the basket?
The basket is very easy to clean. If there is a spill on the basket just rinse with water and leave it out to let it dry naturally. For quicker drying time, place the basket in sunlight.

How long will the scent last?
The beautiful pine scent from the basket will last approximately eight to ten years. To increase the fragrance, dampen the basket with water. Using a warm dish or casserole on the trivets or hotplates will also enhance the aroma.

Will the nickel tarnish?
Unlike silver, nickel does not react to oxygen and tarnish. If you do want to clean the nickel use a non abrasive cream metal polish. Slight imperfections in the nickel are customary due to the handmade nature of the piece.

How long does it take to make a basket?
Depending on the artisan and which design they are weaving, it can take from three hours to two days to make one basket. Each basket is unique and no two are the same.

How can I order baskets that are not in the online store?
Please contact us at 714-596-1031 or by email at info@modelmetalworks.com for prices and ordering information.



Does the metal tarnish?
No, with normal use the metal does not react to oxygen and it does not tarnish. You do not have to polish the piece.

Can I put it in the dishwasher?
No, the acids in dishwashing detergent and the heat from the dishwasher will ruin the product.

Can I use acidic food such as salad dressings?
Yes, you may use acidic foods in the pieces for eight to ten hours. Wash pieces out with soap and water after entertaining. You may wipe olive oil in the interior of the piece before use for added protection.

Can I put the metal in the oven and refrigeration?
Yes, all our metal products are hot and cold conductors. Items placed in the oven will remain warm when removed. Dishes such as salads will remain cold and crisp when removed from the refrigerator or freezer in our products.

How do I remove light scratches?
Fine scratches can be removed with a cream metal polish such as Flitz. This product can be purchased at any hardware store.