Starting a Pine Needle Basket

Posted September 17, 2013 by

Come along for a walk in the forest and step lightly where the pine needles have fallen. The fragrance is pure pleasure –especially when we are blessed with a soft rain on our journey.

Respect must be shown for the pathways, worn soft like the bottom of favorite moccasins by the wild creatures of the wood, as they make their way home or places of refreshing water. It is an honor to be a guest here.

Be vigilant as we pass through the land of tall pines and creatures of the forest, for blessings abound. Perhaps a new grass or colorful moss will catch our eye –a feather shed in flight, or an unusual seed pod may find its way into our gathering vessel.

We select these treasures with a gentle spirit of gratitude –for when we add them to our weaving project, they will sing to us of memories from our time in the forest.

Un Pueblo has collaborated with a community that weaves extraordinary handcrafted baskets from fallen pine needles. Visit our online store and find handmade fair trade baskets created by Mexican craftsmen.


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